Live Event Copywork: Jon McLaughlin's "Indiana" 10th Anniversary


In 2007, I had an iPod but I didn't have a credit card. That meant that I would download all the free iTunes content I could, and I looked forward to the free single releasing weekly. One of these singles was "Beautiful Disaster" by Jon McLaughlin off of his debut album, Indiana. Who knew that ten years later I would receive a request for copywork for the same artist's 10 year anniversary tour of that album!  The last date of the tour took place in Anderson, Indiana, Jon's hometown and where most of the Indiana album was written. The Anderson Symphony Orchestra would be playing with him on this show, and so a copyist was needed to prep the charts. I spent April working in Finale building a template for Jon and editing the charts.


Then, May 5, I took a sweet friend (who wrote about this experience here) to go see the show. I didn't have responsibilities, but I wanted to see the notes I had handled and laid out jump off of the page and into the fingers of the orchestra. Anderson, Indiana is very wee, but interestingly, it's the hub of the Gaither machine - so I've always had this curiosity to go. We at down in our seats, and the show started - it was electric for me. In a small way, it was like an artist seeing their work in a gallery, or like an author getting their manuscript in the mail.


Music Copywork can be so rewarding, and I am so grateful this was one of those moments!