Nashville Philharmonic Debut

If I allow myself to dream big, I start thinking about how amazing it would be to tour the world and sing beautiful songs with huge orchestras in massive halls. This has been a dream of mine for several years, and while reality tells me this may never fully be realized, I started to research various ensembles within 3 hours of Nashville saying, “Do you have songs with melodies? Let me sing the lyrics!” This journey led to multiple performances with several wind ensembles in the Nashville area, and it was a joy to join these musicians as they create music for their communities.

With many life changes in recent years, I haven’t been quite as active in this quest to sing with ensembles, so imagine my surprise when I was asked to sing a new song by film composer Andre Madatian with the Nashville Philharmonic this Christmas season!

The original composition for full orchestra is entitled, “Taking Flight (On This Christmas Night)” and will be premiered on December 9th and 11th as a portion of the Philharmonic’s 2018 Winter Concert Series. 

I’m thrilled and honored to join this ensemble, and I’m grateful to Andre for creating a song that allows for such an opportunity!

Leslie Eiler Thompson