Any Song Will Do at McKendree Village


“Make your own fun” is a mantra I’ve held myself to for some time now. The entertainment world is a difficult one to simply “dream” your way into, and sometimes, you just need to come up with your own opportunities and adventures because no one else will do it for you. That’s why I created my own cabaret in 2016, called Any Song Will Do. The premise: we all show up with a few songs learned, and the audience chooses the order out of a bucket. It’s hysterical and SO fun.

This year, my dear friends Piper Jones and Kelsi Fulton joined me at McKendree Village (one of my favorite places to sing - EVER) for a special edition of Any Song Will Do.

You simply won’t find folks who are sweeter than these, and this proves it. They put up with my antics and I think we all had a riot of a time.

Leslie Eiler Thompson