Any Song Will Do Premiere


Several months ago, the esteemed vocal coach and ULTIMATE Diva Marjorie Halbert sensed that I was irritable and needed a creative project to pour myself into. The idea developed into a cabaret called “Any Song Will Do” and last night was the premiere performance in the attic of the gorgeous Bernard Convent on 21st ave. in Nashville.

The cabaret provides a completely interactive experience with the audience, as the songs we prepare are throw into a basket, with the audience choosing the order - song by song. We each brought three songs and then prepared three group numbers. I’m not quite sure how we pulled it off so gracefully, but my am I thankful.

The cabaret featured vocalists Piper Jones and Casey Hebbel, with music director Megan Santi and percussionist Vinay Shroff.

Looking forward to the next one!

Featured tunes:

Leslie Eiler Thompson