Leslie Eiler Thompson

With a math-teaching father and art-teaching mother, it’s no surprise that Leslie Eiler Thompson’s work strikes a balance between craft and calculation.

Raised in Northern Illinois, Leslie grew up among the Midwestern sentiments of hard work ethic and resolve. Spending most of her childhood and adolescent years on a theatrical stage sparked an attitude of curiosity in Leslie, one which has developed into a life-long calling to humanize those she finds herself around. Some stories simply must be told, and Leslie works to create platforms and strategies through which her curated work can flourish.

Leslie received her college education in Nashville, Tennessee as a Commercial Music student at Belmont University. Post-graduation, she fell into work within the music industry, continuing the trend of meeting interesting folks with the best stories.

In 2018, Leslie launched the Rogue Ones Podcast, which affords her the great opportunity to speak with extraordinary folks doing fascinating things – some of them icons in their field – for the purpose of developing an ongoing quest toward remarkable living. The podcast has welcomed the likes of Monica Padman (co-host, Armchair Expert Podcast, Kristen Bell creative partner), Lance Mackey (4x Iditarod Champion), Leslie Mosier (Doug the Pug’s mom/manager), Jim Wendler (powerlifting icon, 5/3/1 author), and Yisrael Wright (Master Barber, Atlanta season 2). The podcast series will conclude in August of 2019.

Leslie makes her home in the English-Ivy covered hills just outside of Nashville. When she’s not working on a passion project, she’s a freelance marketing & media professional in the form of her company Rogue Creative Marketing & Media, a boutique music industry studio for creators, artists, labels, and management. Nashville continues to be an inspiration for Leslie’s work and she delights in all the surprises it brings.


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